A Call To Arms

A peaceful, beautiful

and quiet revolution

within a woman’s heart

so she is ready

to take America back!

A six week challenge especially crafted for the conservative and

spiritual woman concerned about the emotional, physical and spiritual health of her family, of her nation and, of course, of herself.

  Conservative and spiritual moms…



your spiritual throne in the home…



without your Venus Leadership, the American Dream will be always under a threat!




As an American woman, maybe a mother, are you…

…very worried about the rapid decline of society especially in relation to family values?

Do you fear…

…the ongoing social decline, especially in relation to family values will ‘knock’ your door? Maybe already had!

Is your idea…

… of the preservation of family values based on spiritual principles?

If so,…

…how are you supposed to preserve those basic spiritual principles, like the one of the family, without a strong and reliable support amidst the current intense chaos that promises to get worse before it gets better?

Is it actually possible…

… to even attempt to preserve basic family values without breaking emotionally apart because a group within society seems to be increasingly gaining ground with a ‘woke’ agenda when your conservative values are not?

How can you have a positive impact…

… when a morally deranged agenda is spreading like wildfire amidst public schools, the media, politics and even in our churches? Sometimes it feels like a battle between David and Goliath.

How could you maintain a healthy balance…

…between the home, work, children’s education and your partner (if any) without neglecting your emotional and economic health, but more importantly, without compromising your faith in God?

I suspect you’ve tried to get refuge within…

…your own spiritual faith or believes. Maybe you went to church or you sought assistance from friends and family and despite finding some comfort or understanding, they were short-lived because your concerns and worries are still an ongoing issue. If anything, they may be getting worse.

How do you find the time and energy…

… to get the inspiration, the support, the reassurance,the encouragement, the information to the solutions you need to keep you healthy, positive-minded, economically balanced and above all things, trusting in God’s plan? How can you do all that if you are a full time working mom already feeling emotionally drained?

How do you justify under the current economic pressures…

…spending money on the support you need if you suspect you won’t find the time and the dedication needed in finding a solution to your problems?

Why is it so nerve-racking to imagine losing your freedom…

… as a mother, as a citizen of a free country and as a person of faith under the constant threats coming from all directions?

Is the constant battle…

… to regain your stolen God granted freedom worth it?

Can you really get…

…the peace of mind you seek and deserve and regain the joyful bright heart, you once felt without feeling a constant state of worries or a sense of ‘doom’ because of what’s going on at home, at work, in the country or even around the world?

And when should you start doing…

… something positive to heal your anxieties, worries concerns or even lack of sleep over the ongoing threats?

Should you even bother…

… doing something about it? After all, you may feel everything is already lost or it is too late to do something worthwhile not just for your family and country, but for yourself personally.

Are you doing…

… what your feminine intuition is asking you to do in relation to your overall health?

Are you ready to respond…

…to that inner voice that keeps knocking on the door of your heart whilst whispering it is time to reclaim your
God-given feminine divine rights?

When are you going…

… to have the courage to respond to the pressing universal call that is saying clear and loud the time has come to reposition the family where it really belongs?

Why conservative women have a responsibility…

…to respond to the call?

Because conservative women…

…already possess something that is VERY UNIQUE to her and that is an undying desire to preserve principles and values specially in relation to the family!

So, as a conservative and spiritual woman…

…are you ready to open the door of your heart and allow it to do what is meant to do?

If not,…

…why not?

Are you fearful…

…of opening your heart because you suspect the courage you need for such a times is not there?

What if I tell you…

… you are equipped for such times as these?  In fact, if you didn’t have an important role to play during these very challenging times, you would have been born in another era! You were born for this time because your soul is fulfilling a cause in motion which may end with . You have everything needed to conquer all the present and future challenges.  thought that time has come to open the door to the heart and let out a power that can and will ARM you with an existing force already residing within yourself and capable of replacing uncertainty with clarity, the fear with self-love and doubts with illumined knowledge.

What is a dream but the desire to reach

what the soul knows it’s possible!





Do you dare to dream the

good dream?


In every woman’s heart there is a desire to reach a ‘home’ or a final destination where she can finally be the Nurturer Goddess she really is.

This is how her dream home looks and feels for the woman who dare to dream the good dream?


  • The home feels peaceful.
  • It looks beautiful.
  • It feels protected.
  • It looks and feels prosperous and healthy.
  • She feels loved and appreciated.
  • The home feels blessed because God is in the midst of her heart!

God is in the midst of her;
she shall not be moved;
God will help her
when morning dawns.

Psalm 46:5


 For a great many, that good dream is never lived. Many women remains in a dreamy or ‘waiting’ state for the entire life. When would that ‘dream home’ come? When would she be able to become the Nurturer Goddess she really is?

 The answer to those questions is, the

The feminine leadership, the one that nourishes, heals, supports, protects, preserves and nurtures the fire of the home, is being resuscitated all across the American nation.

There is a powerful call no conservative woman can longer ignore:


‘The time to take back your rightful Venus Throne

in the home has arrived’!

And the reasons to take back your rightful Venus Throne couldn’t be more evident…

…there is a storm threatening to destroy what a conservative woman loves and knows has lasting values:

God. Family. Country and Freedom!





It has been said that after the storm comes the calm.

Yes, the calm will come BUT no before

the storm knocks on your door. Actually, it already has!

You may or may not know this, but for decades a ‘hidden’ storm has been swirling its powerful rushing winds around the entire world. Its destructive winds have affected your home, your job, the school of your children, your church, your community and your entire country. The reason you didn’t take all types of precautions to protect yourself and your home against the storm was because you thought the storm would never affect you the way you are now experiencing.

You thought the storm would never affect America!

There is no doubt the storm has arrived in America. Its devastating effects are causing havoc and great confusion and distress to its people.

BUT another phenomenon even far greater than the storm itself is also occurring at the same time

in America…

…the storm is AWAKING UP the American people especially those who still believe in the original traditions America was founded upon. The conservative families of America are starting to respond to the crisis the storm is creating!


 America is destined to be the one place in the world  where the eye of the storm will firmly set its magnetic center.

The calm will come and a great peace will spread from that ancestral land to the rest of the Earth.

❝In America shall be erected a shrine to Universal Truth, as here arises the global democratic Commonwealth – the true wealth of all mankind, which is designed in the foundation that men shall abide together in peace and shall devote their energies to the common cause of discovery…
…The power of man lies in his dreams, his visions and his ideals.

This has been the common vision of man’s necessity in the secret empire of the Brotherhood of the Quest, consecrated to fulfilling the destiny for which we in America were brought into being.❞

Manly Palmer Hall (The Secret Destiny of America)


In these challenging times when Americans are experiencing a nightmarish vision of their dreams, it is very difficult to understand that the leading nation of the free world will become a shrine of universal truth when the very foundation America was founded upon, which is freedom, is being taken away. I understand that.

It is understandable why many are asking if the noble ideals of freedom the Founding Father left for the American people are coming to an end. Did the Founding Fathers worked just to free the generation of their time? Did they know the storm was coming back to America?  Did they leave any warnings these times were coming?

Yes, they did know the storm was going to come back to America again and they left plenty of warnings to future generations including to the present one! In fact, the warnings were especially designed for the ones experiencing the current storm.


Every generation needs a revolution

Thomas Jefferson

  Do you know what that means for

the modern American women?


It means that you are being called to arms!


What are the weapons you need to get armed?

The ‘weapons’ you need are…


…the power of knowledge and

the power of love combined…


…because this generation urgently needs:




A Nurturer Goddess is a woman whose despite experiencing many trials and tribulations, her heart still yearns to experience true prosperity in her life, in her home and for each member of her family. She is a woman of faith and convictions. She may not be a religious woman, but she places a great deal of importance to things of the spirit. She intuitively knows there is much more to life than what she learned at school or at university.  She is a woman of higher ideals. She dreams of a better world, not just for herself, but for everyone around her.  Although many may not know, she deeply cares about others and she suffers alone when she is unable to serve the way she wants to serve. She knows America is facing a great challenge that must be faced with courage and determination. She understands that the original idea of the family she grew up with, is under threat. She dreams seeing the younger generation enjoying an America as she enjoyed when growing up. She loves her country and she wants the best for her country. She wants to do the right thing and she is ready to do it. She wants happiness and long-lasting radiant health. She wants a loving, peaceful, happy and prosperous home…


…She wants to become the Nurturer Goddess she really is!

But where to start?

Are you ready to manifest in full the existing but dormant nurturing powers

within yourself?


I hope you are because the ‘demand’ for ‘Nurturer Goddesses’ is going to massively increase all around the USA and all around the world! To stay passive during these critical times of change, is to delay the inevitable. Soon after the effect of the storm is felt within every woman’s house,  the only voice she is going to hear is a
‘Call To Arms’.

BUT if for any reason you, the conservative and spiritual woman, don’t feel ready to take ‘arms’ at this moment in time, if you feel the storm is not strong enough as to affect you and your family, or to empower yourself with the necessary knowledge requires for these challenging times, I guarantee you that at some point in the near future you will look for the type of information ‘A Call To Arms’ is


or the Venus era

coming to America?

I hope you are ready! There is no doubt that very soon America will enter a new cycle, a new era where the restoration of basic spiritual values ​​and principles will be a priority for the great majority of Americans, but especially for mothers who still believe in conservative principles towards life.

The era I am referring to is one where the structure of the present system will be restructured. The education of our children will be one of the first priorities amongst parents. as well as the restoration of the sacredness of the family. We are going to see a spectacular increase in all the concepts that speak of the spirit. God will make a return to this beautiful world and a peace like we have never known it before, will enter our homes.

God’s name will be remembered daily in our hearts because under no circumstances humanity will want to experience the extreme evil we are currently facing and fighting.

What I want you to remember very well is that America is going to play a super important role in restoring peace to the whole world and, especially, in restoring faith and trust in God’s plans. America has a great destiny ahead.
I know, in these moments where the storm seems to be gaining strength and ground, the idea that America is going to enter a golden age is not easy to understand at least at this time.

As a mystical Christian I have no doubt that this will be the case, but at the same time I know that the storm will continue to cause great damage for the years ahead. It is for all these reasons that Americans, especially American women with conservative values, have a great responsibility on their shoulders. Most of the restoration of values ​​and principles, especially in relation to the family, are instructed to mothers and mothers to be.


Conservatives and spiritual women, your time to express the goddess of love that resides within you has come because the splendor of Venus in you is what will illuminate those who need you like your family, friends and your compatriots!

Well-Armed Moms (WAMS) 

-A Life Orienteers project-

is very honored to bring you its first program:

A Call To Arms

A peaceful and quiet revolution

within a woman’s heart so she is ready

to take America back!

Join me!

Join Me!



If any (of all) of the above questions run through your head day after day, specially since the beginning of 2020…then I may be able to assist!

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