An invisible golden map exists the human psychic naturally follows, but an untrained mind cannot interpret the clear road signs that safely lead the soul to a place of peace, harmony and abundance. That golden map is Astrology.

Ruth Rosa

Every person is born with the ability to read the golden map, but lack of proper orientation unable the heart-compass settings to direct us towards the right directions we ought to follow in life. But its never too late to re-orient yourself and enable the heart-compass to do what is meant to do, to place you in the threshold of the Kingdom.


Welcome to Astrology For The Soul!

If you have an interest or you are just curious about Astrology, then this monthly membership for just $7.00 a month, will open new dimensions into one of the most ancient sciences of the soul there is!

You may or may not know this, but we live in an Astrological realm where cosmological signs and their influences are constantly ‘speaking’ to us on a daily basis and yet, most people are totally unaware of the daily dialogue occurring between the energies emanating from the signs and the psychic properties that constitutes a human being.

You may ask yourself why would anyone be interested in being aware of these signs and their influences on our psychics? After all, everyone keeps living their lives, they do what they want and none of them claims they have been affected by any of such influences, right? Wrong! The fact they may claim that they are not affected, either in a positive or negative way, is a clear sign they are affected! Confused? I don’t blame you! We are living in very confusing times. Interestingly enough, it is during periods of great confusion when we need a sense of solid orientation and yes, Astrology can assist the human psychic to regain a sense of where we are and where we are going.


Astrology For The Soul can help you in the following ways

Like any map, Astrology also requires moments of study, concentration on details and the need to write down the signs or directions showing the safer and faster ways to where we are heading to. The ‘faster ways’ does not mean compromising or risking the safety of the journey, but avoiding passages that at first look like normal roads when in fact they are cul-de-sac leading nowhere. This Golden Map, Astrology, can and will show us different ways to safely navigate the difficult paths of life whilst inspiring the mind, informing the heart and uplifting the soul to higher dimensions of understanding. Between mind, heart and soul exists a Trinity that must be united if we want to properly focus on what is necessary to accomplish in life. And as we refine our divine intuition, as we tune into higher clearer vibrations, we will notice the soul leads the way with a much greater determination than ever known before.

Here are some of the many benefits you will get when

you subscribe to Astrology for the Soul


  • Repositioning the mind to a point of origin or source found within the soul
  • Being present or focused on the given moment
  • A clear sense of orientation towards what’s important in life (like your health and love life)
  • A more meaningful connection with body/mind/soul
  • A sense of daily purpose
  • Healthier mental habits
  • A wider and deeper understanding of the cycles of nature including the cycles of the human body
  • A closer relationship with the purpose of the Cosmos
  • A clearer understanding of the ethereal influences from the cosmic spheres
  • A deeper sense of love towards creation
  • Powerful insights about the importance of words relating to Astrology
  • A closer relationship with the concept of ‘deity’ or God
  • A clearer vision of where the Cosmos is advancing humanity
  • And much more!
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For $7.00 a month you will receive on a weekly basis one Astrological report with a selection of the subjects mentions above. The report is delivered in a PDF format.

Each report aims to inspire the mind, to inform the heart and to uplift the soul to higher dimensions of understanding!



Q & A

Q) How do I get access to the report?

A) Once a week, the report will be forward to the e-mail you supply when signing up for this monthly membership. In addition, you will find the reports in the membership area of this website.

Q) Why am I signing up with a username and password?

A) Because you are giving access to the membership area of this website.

Q) Can I cancel the membership anytime I want?

A) Absolutely! You can cancel anytime you want!


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