You are about to embark on an inner quest!

You are purchasing a FOUR WEEK Life Orienteering package.
This package is the beginning of a very enriching inquiry that will lead to true self-knowledge.

We will provide guidance in showing you how to objectively assess your current life situation so that you can truly orient yourself in the deepest sense. We also assist you in envisioning better alternatives and help you see solutions and develop a plan of action for your future.

As you journey inwardly you will grow in every dimension!


Four week Life Orienteering Package

$497,00 $357,00

The four week Life Orienteering Package is not refundable.

Four week Life Orienteering Package includes:

Upon purchasing the Life Orienteering Package you will receive a welcome e-mail containing a PDF containing a detailed outline of the four week package. You will also receive a link to complete a brief questionnaire. After your questionnaire is received you will then book your first session. The package will be completed as follows:

Week one session: One hour live video call (Zoom or Skype required)

  • Your first session starts with a meet and greet, questionnaire review and our responses to any questions you have.
  • We will present you a basic Astrological Natal Chart and numerological profile and provide a preliminary review of it.
  • The PDF you received prior to this first session contains self discovery questions that we will discuss with you.
  • Natural law focus: Responsibility and the Law of Equivalent Exchange.
  • We will introduce and discuss a concept we call ‘The Art of Contemplation’ and provide a focus exercise where you will investigate and plot aspects that affect your health.
  • You are given an assignment focused on determining changes you should consider and where your true responsibilities lie.


Week two session: One hour live video call

  • Review of questions and concerns and we discuss the previous weeks exercise and assignment.
  • You are presented with a more detailed Astrological Natal chart with interpretation of it based on your rising sign, moon sign, the planets and the houses.
  • You are provided resources to explore your own natal chart.
  • We introduce the concept of the Zodiac as a universal compass and show you how to be in control of each day’s energy.
  • Natural law focus: Sovereignty, Growth & Like produces Like.
  • The body as microcosm and map/template.
  • You are given an exercise/inquiry based on sovereignty and growth.


Week three session: One hour live video call

  • We start with a review of the previous week and answer questions
  • We present, discuss and define will, the wheel, the Solar Plexus and turning the wheel.
  • Together, we develop the outline for your action plan or daily routine
  • We discuss the importance of the solar plexus and introduce and explain an exercise on how to feel this chakra in the body.


Week four/Conclusion

A final report will be sent one week after the third session. This fourth week when you receive this report you will then have the tools you need to start your journey as your own Life Orienteer!


This is what you can expect:


  • You will be provided with the tools to honestly assess your current station and determine the meaning of your situations in life so as to become aware of areas that need improvement.
  • You will gain a basic personal understanding of natural law and how you can benefit from it.
  • You will be shown perspectives that will enable you to see how your body is a microcosm of the cosmos and also a map to assist you in your personal journey.
  • You will have the tools you need create an action plan/daily routine to achieve your personal vision with full authority.
  • This four week course is covered in three one hour live sessions (Zoom or Skype required), and includes a Natal Chart and a final report.


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