Happy Clients





A friend recommended your work. After three hours of Life Orienteers coaching, I realised how beneficial to my current life situation Ruth’s insights were. I hired Ruth for three hours but decided to come back for another three hours and maybe more.

Thank you Ruth. I couldn’t be more pleased with everything you shared. I feel you know me better than I know myself smile


Michelle S. Saro


Ruth! I’ve followed the school of the Holy Science for many years and it was recently I discovered you were doing coaching sessions about my passions, Astrology and Astrotheology. I am a student of Astrology and I have to say I was left very impressed with the knowledge you shared during our coaching sessions. I sincerely wanted the sessions to go on forever. It was a true delight to work with you. I highly recommend your work.

Love from the USA


Keith J. Vera


It was a pleasure to work with you guys! I enjoyed actually putting feelings into paper and openly discussing them with y’all. I appreciate the guidance and love that you guys showed towards me during our sessions. I understand that ultimately, it is only up to ME alone to make and keep changes. I love the feminine and spiritual touch that Ruth brings forth and shared with me. It is a much needed connection! Tom, I very much loved and appreciate the logical approach to situations you brought me. I did enjoy this very much, and be it little or big, I am extremely thankful to have had you guys guide me during such an important time in my life and during these times.

Thank you!


Yenisley Diaz


Mother, I call myself Mother, this encompasses every aspect of the feminine and masculine. Had some really big shifts since starting this course with you Ruth, and really appreciating your wisdom and how you gently deliver your work/message.


Kam Birdee-Wright


You are an inspiring teacher. I continue to look for any information that you share. Your perspective helped me to congeal all the other pieces of information I’ve gathered throughout my life.

It’s how you started the program. Simply helping to understand who we truly are; from our center creating a environment to grow our best selves.

Very empowering! Thank-you!


Lillian L.


Loved every second of it! Thank you for all your insights and beautiful lessons.


C. Kane


Thank you for your beautiful and very supportive course. It helped and helps me a lot, love the meditations – so powerful. I have actually realized what positive positioning means for me.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Raj Bhogal


“Thanks so much for this course. The combination of elements: symbolism, meditation, videos and downloadable text was all very effective and helped give me a new perspective on self empowerment. I definitely would love to have access to this and anything new from you.“


Veronica T.

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