You are about to unite your north and south by bringing the west and east sides of your life into balance!

When we eventually align our heart's compass with our true north,
a spiritual journey either begins or progresses beyond our expectations.

That spiritual journey will extend in the four cardinal directions
with Life Orienteers' workshops and courses.

As you are guided to take control of the wheel of fortune,
you know your direction in life is always forward.

Welcome to Life Orienteers!

Our mission is to assist you in making a smooth
transition to the next golden age.

Do you want to live in harmony with the energy of the sun, moon, and stars?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are ready to cultivate a harmonious relationship with your north and south, west and east principles of the universe, and the energy that regulate the entire cosmos.

When you establish a harmonious relationship with these energies, they become allies in your quest for balance, prosperity, and peace in your life.

Allow Life Orienteers to assist you in broadening
your mind to the four corners of the firmament.

We help you to explore the cosmos
from the comfort of your home guided by natural laws.

Yes, absolutely. Natural law is based on timeless principles and universal truths that can be applied to daily life to help guide our choices and create greater understanding and awareness. It can be incredibly empowering to tap into this wisdom and use it as a tool to make conscious, informed decisions about our lives.

Natural law can also be used to help us understand the interconnectedness of all things and how our actions can have a ripple effect on the world around us.

Are you ready to go on one of the most
rewarding spiritual journeys you've ever planned?

Here are some of the reasons why you should be thrilled
about Life Orienteers' approach to natural law:

 We will explore the mysteries of the universe, from the depths of the oceans to the heights of the stars.

 We will learn about the laws of nature that govern our world, from the laws of motion to the laws of magnetism. 

 We will explore the wonders of the solar system, from the planets to the moons.

 We will discover the secrets of the universe, from the power of the unknown to the power of the infinite.

 We will explore the mysteries of life, from the concept of materialism to the realm of the spirit.

 We will investigate the mysteries of the human mind, from the power of thought to the power of emotion.

 We will uncover the secrets of the soul, from the power of faith to the power of love.

 We will explore the mysteries of the spirit, from the power of prayer to the power of meditation. 

You might wonder:

"Why would you or anyone want to be guided by natural law?"


"What is natural law?

What are the benefits?"

Before delving into some of the numerous reasons and benefits of natural law, here's a brief but succinct overview:

Natural law is the ever-present harmony, beauty, and collaboration found in the natural world.

The aforementioned can be simplified as follows:

Harmony creates cosmic order; beauty satisfies the soul's desire for craft that follow universal principles; and cooperation sustains an endless motion of unity with infinity purpose.

Natural law

Natural law is an ancient concept that there is an inherent set of laws that govern the universe, which are independent of any human authority or government.

These laws are based on the principle that all living beings have an innate sense of what is right and wrong and must abide by these laws in order to lead a life of harmony, peace and self-fulfiment.

Natural law is often referred to as the "law of nature" or "divine law" and it is believed to be the ultimate source of justice and morality.

Benefits of natural law

The benefits of living according to natural law include a greater sense of peace and harmony, a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all living things, and a greater appreciation for the beauty and diversity of the natural world.

Additionally, natural law can help us to become more mindful of our decisions and actions, to be more respectful of the environment, and to develop a sense of compassion for others.

Finally, living according to natural law can help us to foster a greater sense of personal responsibility and to develop a deeper connection to the spiritual aspects of our lives.

When each of those principles is properly understood and implemented as nature intended, we can confidently claim to be the happiest. Not only do we know we are truly content, but we are also conscious that we live in a world with much for us to cooperate with and participate in.

With the help of the orienteering programmes and courses offered by Life Orienteers, we thoroughly explain what the "trinity"—harmony, beauty, and cooperation—is and how we can observe it in nature, learn about it, and use each of these concepts in our daily lives.

Why natural law?
Why now?

Natural law is gaining popularity now because people are beginning to recognise the importance of understanding the underlying principles of the universe.

By understanding natural law, a person can gain insight into the true nature of reality and the way things work in the world.

This knowledge can help a person to make better decisions and to live in equilibrium with the natural order of life. Additionally, natural law can provide an ethical framework for living a life of integrity and purpose.

Our civilization unquestionably shows that we are on the verge of a widespread awakening. People are beginning to realise, more than ever, how the convergence of nature, science, and philosophy that speaks of the spirit can transform human life, making real progress a certainty.

We have reached a tipping point in time in which we must not only strive for a better tomorrow, but also continue to build new and improved versions of ourselves in accordance with natural law. 

I'm delighted to inform you that we have an exceptional source of information that accomplishes just that.

In fact, I'm going to reveal a'secret' that will soon be widely known:

Thousands of men and women will look for the kind of knowledge
that Life Orienteers provides!

About Life Orienteers

By providing a unique blend of scientific principles, spiritual teachings, and indigenous traditions combined with ancient wisdom, Life Orienteers helps you understand the core of your existence and develop a meaningful relationship with the world around you.

Through courses and workshops designed to explore and nurture your relationship with natural law, you can gain an understanding of the many hidden aspects of nature and its spiritual influence on your life.  

Our courses cover a range of topics related to nature and its influence on humans, such as philosophy, astrology, astrotheology, biodynamics, environmentalism, sustainability, biomimicry, and last but not least, spiritual science.

By examining the natural world from various perspectives, you can gain a greater understanding of the deep connection between the environment, the planet, and our lives. As a result of a deep connection with nature and its cycles, you can gain insight into your own life and reach a sense of inner and outer harmony.

The tools you receive through our courses and workshops are not to be taken lightly. You can experience profound personal transformation by unlocking the power of nature and applying it to your life.

Our mission

We strive to provide resources that help people to become more conscious of their spiritual journey and to become more aware of their true purpose and potential.

We are committed to providing resources and tools that can help people to live a life of greater harmony and balance.

We place a high value on the concept of abundance or wealth, as we t
hink that everyone of us was meant to live in a state of bounty. We don't differentiate between wealth, happiness, and health. They all refer to the same principle, as a consequence, their pursuit should follow the same laws that govern such concepts.

Futhermore, we believe that when we are in accord with our true nature, we can live a life that is completely consistent with the wisdom underlying natural law.

Natural Law

Learn what natural is and how to apply it.
Did you know that natural law is the way to go?

Discover the basic principles of Carl Jung's psychology.
Start taking charge of your mind and emotions!


Let us broaden our love for knowledge.
Fall in love with prisca theologia.

Bible Studies
Are there some hidden meanings waiting to be discovered in the Holy Bible?
Find out!

Equilibrium is key to live a life in harmony with natural laws. Find out how you can achieve balance.

Is meditation and contemplation the same thing? They are not. What's the difference?

Ancient history
What secrets about the universe can we find in ancient temples and sites around the world?

Does astrology offers practical answes to our daily problems? Find out how astrology can help us.

Fen Shui
Is your environment in harmony with the frequencies of nature? If not, you cannot be in a state of abundance!

The world of symbolism
Symbols, what are they?
Everyone should understand the language of symbolism.

Natural living
Natural medicine.
The use and benefits of herbs. Love for all things natural.

We explore women's health and the real meaning of the divine feminine concept.

The world is quickly changing!

If we're being honest with ourselves, especially with our conservatives values, such shifts are quite concerning. 

At Life Orienteers, we believe that without a sense of spiritual direction regarding where the world is going, we may get even more perplexed regarding what is actually taking place.

As the world moves faster, our lives become more complex. This is why it is essential to keep yourself up-to-date and alert to the changes that are happening around the world in order to stay ahead of the drama.

By staying ahead of what's taking place, you’ll be well-equipped to respond to changes and disruptions in the right manner. Finally, it’s crucial to cultivate a growth mindset and motivate yourself by finding solutions to the challenges faced in an ever-evolving era.

Are we heading to a golden age?

Discover why Ruth Rosa firmly belief humanity is heading to a golden age and what can we do to prepare.
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Learn to everything about the concept of peace
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The divine feminine

What is it?
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Family life, the heart beat of a nation

The importance of the family unit
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Learning programs that connect us with nature

Balance your life with natural law.
Learn how to become wealthy!

Master your field

Online learning courses are an outstanding opportunity to learn new, marketable skills. We help people to learn and progress in their careers by offering premium courses.

Diverse courses

With our diverse range of professional development courses, you can gain the skills and knowledge you need to advance your career.
Life Orienteers is a resource centre run by a mother
who has strong conservative values!

Hello and welcome!
I'm here to help you set your heart's compass and find your True North!

Your True North is all of the good and beautiful dreams you want to manifest but don't know how or simply feel stuck in key areas of life.

Yes, you can reach the summit of Mount Meru, or True North, by understanding how your mind, body, and soul work in tandem. You can champion any field you want to conquer by using ancient knowledge like astrotheology, philosophy and astrology.

Ruth Rosa

Life Orienteers

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Life Orienteers is an invitation to discover, to follow
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