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Life Orienteering is a coaching concept designed and inspired by Nature
Dedicated for anyone in their pursuit of
Holistic Personal Growth.


Revealing the natural authority innate in your being!

Orienting yourself for change


The effects of 2020 have left in many of us a feeling of paralysis or uncertainty. What now? Do we go back to ”normal” or do we dare to enter into a reality even more uncertain than the one we are experiencing right now?

To answer those questions will require a very serious contemplation of what we call ‘normal’. Were we living a ‘normal’ life? Or, was it mostly an illusion? What if we all were in some state of stagnation, with varying degrees of illusion, all along, and it is now we are realizing it?

Maybe you are having that suspicion, that you were not really growing or progressing as you should and that the current global events helped you to see through some of the false paradigms, then you may be willing to accept that this was meant to happen!

You were meant to question your experience to reveal your true position in life, one that you establish by your own free choice. Are you here to grow or to remain in a state of paralysis or stagnation?


Create the conditions you need for growth!



How can a Life Orienteer help you to grow?


A Life Orienteer is an indicator, a gauge and a mirror, that can reveal the hidden steps you yearn to take. Life Orienteering champions you in unearthing and utilizing your ‘internal compass’ so that it comes alive and does what it is supposed to do naturally and harmoniously, helping you successfully navigate the path to your goals!

Life Orienteering is a Coaching concept inspired by Nature, designed for those in pursuit of Holistic Personal Growth. As the rising sun in the east is a marker to orient the traveler, it is also the inception of it’s own journey across the sky. A Life Orienteer brings you back to a new beginning and shows you how to plot and navigate, for yourself, your soul’s true destiny.


There are two questions that everyone should ask themselves:


Are you in control of your life and the experiences you have?


Are you willing to make significant changes in your life
to get where you want to be?


Allow us to show you how our work as
Life Orienteers may assist you!


The time to rediscover and reconnect with
yourself at the deepest level has arrived!


In fact, we strongly suggest it is our first priority right now!

Yes, the times in which we are living demand a reconnection with ourselves. The current cosmic conditions require a profound change in consciousness, and we all have available the necessary tools we need for such transition. These, primary, being our hearts and minds.

As Life Orienteers, we place you in a position where your intuition and discernment develop based on an in depth assesment of your life situation, comprehensive self-analysis and observation of natural laws.

Start the process now! Join our four week Life Orienteering session now.


This is what you can expect


  • You will be provided with the tools to honestly assess your current station and determine the meaning of your situations in life so as to become aware of areas that need improvement.
  • You will gain a basic personal understanding of natural law and how you can benefit from it.
  • You will be shown perspectives that will enable you to see how your body is a microcosm of the cosmos and also a map to assist you in your personal journey.
  • You will have the tools you need create an action plan/daily routine to achieve your personal vision with full authority.
  • This four week course is covered in three one hour live sessions (Zoom or Skype required), and includes a Natal Chart and a final report.

Ruth Rosa, a life orienteer


At the core of my being is the call to nurture. I seek creative, natural, meaningful, spiritual and practical but effective ways to reclaim our innate natural state of being, one of authority in relation to Natural Laws.

I am here to orient you by first helping you to locate your internal compass, then learn how to employ it to navigate across the ‘unfamiliar’ and often difficult terrain that we call ‘everyday life’. I will assist you in ordering it correctly, in the way Nature intended, in coordination with the movements and aims of the Cosmos!

I believe when we re-establish our true position within the circle of life, our innate healing powers start expressing itself and the inevitable happens, a true connection with the environment in each present moment. If this idea of connection with life and nature also inspires and motivates you, then join this great spiritual adventure with us.





Astrological Natal Chart

The four week course includes a Natal Chart with interpretations of Sun and Rising signs as well as the other major planetary placements. It also includes explanations of the houses and basic meaning in the signs they are in and planets within the houses. You will also be provided resources that allow you to investigate your own chart further as well as a chart calculator to generate a chart at any time and place.




Our Spiritual Library

Some of the tools we use include:

Astrology, Astrotheology, Numerology, Sacred Geometry, Symbolism, Gematria and Gnosticism.

It also includes many Inspired writings, some very ancient and some new. Such as; The Bible, Buddhist Sutras, Gnostic literature, The golden verses of Pythagoras, the Seven Hermetic Principles, The Nag Hammadi library, The Dead Sea Scrolls, The Teachings of Don Juan (Carlos Castaneda) The Tao Te Ching (the book of changes), The Vedas, Classic Novels, Myth, Shamanic Teachings, Manly Palmer Hall, etc…

Ultimately, your spiritual library is as you make it, it is only limited by your curiosity and awareness. It is up to each individual to expand this list for themselves.



Holistic Health

The health of your body is a symbol or map of your entire well being. We are constantly writing this map. Visualize the map of the ideal you. These ideal conditions of a healthy body is the landscape on the map to where we want to go or be. 

You are the map and you are also the terrain, and you experience both inner/mental and outer/bodily realities or ‘journeys’. The outer is always a reflection or expression of the inner. The subconscious rules our experience and it can be re-programmed, rewriting the inner map will change our physical terrain.




The Art of Contemplation

One of the main tools we use is what we call ‘The Art of Contemplation’ which is essentially the breeding ground to our reality as we experience it. It could be thought of as a way of life.

The art of contemplation brings the understanding that everything we experience is symbolic, from language to material things, and it brings internal knowing based on integrating these symbols, analogies, metaphors and mysticism into our own reality by comparing the interpretation to our whole being at all levels and dimensions.



Natural Law

Natural Law is the innate and immutable principles of life and nature.

We emphasize adherence to natural law and stress a holistic and balanced approach towards one’s objectives. The idea that our minds and thinking must be balanced with the wisdom and intuition of the heart is paramount. What we do in this life is determined by our thinking. If the thinking is clear, the results will be positive and orderly. Therefore, unclear thinking will ultimately lead to negative or entropic outcomes.


Four reasons why you may need a Life Orienteer :


  • Our modern world’s hectic and complicated lifestyle has you feeling the need to get back to basics and to more authentic living
  • You feel the need for guidance to help you achieve self-motivation and self-mastery.
  • You feel the need to understand some of the unseen forces in nature that may be affecting you.
  • You want to discover the map that the cosmos has for you and develop your internal compass to navigate that map.



We also offer live, one hour, general consultation
sessions with Ruth Rosa

Ideal to  investigate any of the areas covered on this page. It can be also be used for those who wish to know what our Life Orienteering package consists of before joining.  Our hourly rate is $97.00.


Our Services

Life Orienteering champions you in unearthing and utilizing your ‘internal compass’ so that it comes alive and does what it is supposed to do naturally and harmoniously, helping you successfully navigate the path to your goals!


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Happy Clients


It was a pleasure to work with you guys! I enjoyed actually putting feelings into paper and openly discussing them with y’all. I appreciate the guidance and love that you guys showed towards me during our sessions. I understand that ultimately, it is only up to ME alone to make and keep changes.  I love the feminine and spiritual touch that Ruth brings forth and shared with me. It is a much needed connection! Tom, I very much loved and appreciate the logical approach to situations you brought me. I did enjoy this very much, and be it little or big, I am extremely thankful to have had you guys guide me during such an important time in my life and during these times.

Thank you!





Thank you for your beautiful and very supportive course. It helped and helps me a lot, love the meditations – so powerful. I have actually realized what positive positioning means for me.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Raj Bhogal

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