Are you getting ready for the next level of growth on this planet?

The next level of growth is all about the human soul!

At the moment when everything looks so chaotic and even hopeless, it’s hard to believe humanity will overcome the deep state of psychosis currently set in the minds of millions of people. As hard as it may seem to understand, we are going to heal, and the first to heal are going to usher in the coming Golden Age on this planet.


The first step to healing oneself is to start withdrawing the mind from the world of confusion. For this to take place, a process of reintegration of values has to be implemented. With Life Orienteering, this process of reintegration is made uncomplicated, enjoyable, and practical. Life Orienteering calls this process “going back to basics”. Back to basics because it is in simplicity where we finally find true beauty!

Start healing yourself and see miracles happen!



Ruth Rosa. A Life Orienteer


I consider myself a Mystical Christian.

At the core of my being is the call to nurture. I seek creative, natural, meaningful, spiritual and practical but effective ways to reclaim our innate natural state of being, one of authority in relation to Natural Laws and to the Laws of God.

I am here to orient you by first helping you to locate your internal compass, then learn how to employ it to navigate across the ‘unfamiliar’ and often difficult terrain that we call ‘everyday life’.

I will assist you in ordering it correctly, in the way Nature intended, in coordination with the movements and aims of the Cosmos!

I believe when we re-establish our true position within the circle of life, our innate healing powers start expressing itself and the inevitable happens, a true connection with the environment in each present moment. If this idea of connection with life and nature also inspires and motivates you, then join this great spiritual adventure with us.


Does a method exist powerful enough

to effectively remind us of exactly this?


❝In every human being, there is

a special heaven, whole and unbroken❞


The answer to that question is yes,

it does exist!

The method does not only exists but it has been

with us from the very beginning.

That method can be accessed right here

with a Life Orienteers.

What is Life Orienteering?

The Life Orienteering is an indicator, a gauge and a universal compass reader, that can reveal the hidden steps you yearn to take. Life Orienteering champions you in unearthing and utilizing your ‘internal compass’ so that it comes alive and does what it is supposed to do naturally and harmoniously, helping you successfully navigate the path to your goals!



The Life Orienteering is a Coaching concept inspired by Nature, designed for those in pursuit of Holistic Personal Growth. As the rising sun in the east is a marker to orient the traveler, it is also the inception of it’s own journey across the sky. Life Orienteering brings you back to a New Beginning and shows you how to plot and navigate, for yourself, your soul’s true destiny.



❝When life becomes too complex, nothing makes sense anymore.
It is at that point that the only solution left is to go back to basics.
It’s time to go back to the root from which everything originated and start making life simple again.

~Ruth Rosa


❝The majority believes that everything hard to comprehend
must be very profound. This is incorrect. What is hard to understand
is what is immature, unclear and often false. The highest wisdom is simple
and passes through the brain directly into the heart.

~Viktor Schauberger


The Art of Contemplation
All of my services are based on the Art of Contemplation. Through the Art of Contemplation my clients are assisted to gain a strong sense of who they really are and where they are in terms of clarity on the journey of life. In order to achieve this, the Art of Contemplation serves as a method of re-integration of values into all the different environments a person dwells in. Those environments are: The body (mind, soul, and spirit). The home. Community life. Work or professional life and love life.

Esoteric Astrology Reading

Scope your INNER and OUTER spheres from the only safe and secure place there is…your HEART!

A gentle, yet powerful way to start ‘retrieving’ your soul from a world of chaos to a world of balance and of peace!

Find out more…

Astrology for the soul

An invisible golden map exists the human psychic naturally follows, but an untrained mind cannot interpret the clear road signs that safely lead the soul to a place of peace, harmony and abundance. That golden map is Astrology.

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Who is Life Orienteering for?

The Life Orienteering method is for everyone ready or willing to discover unexpressed potentialities that only the human soul can bestow. Life Orienteering will benefit those who already have an interest in philosophy and other fields that teach about the human soul and spirit.





Our Spiritual Library

Some of the tools we use include:

Astrology, Astrotheology, Numerology, Sacred Geometry, Symbolism, Gematria and Gnosticism.

It also includes many Inspired writings, some very ancient and some new. Such as; The Bible, Buddhist Sutras, Gnostic literature, The golden verses of Pythagoras, the Seven Hermetic Principles, The Nag Hammadi library, The Dead Sea Scrolls, The Tao Te Ching (the book of changes), The Vedas, Classic Novels, Myth, Shamanic Teachings, Manly Palmer Hall, etc…

Ultimately, your spiritual library is as you make it, it is only limited by your curiosity and awareness. It is up to each individual to expand this list for themselves.



The Art of Contemplation

One of the main tools we use is what we call ‘The Art of Contemplation’ which is essentially the breeding ground to our reality as we experience it. It could be thought of as a way of life.

The art of contemplation brings the understanding that everything we experience is symbolic, from language to material things, and it brings internal knowing based on integrating these symbols, analogies, metaphors and mysticism into our own reality by comparing the interpretation to our whole being at all levels and dimensions.



Natural Law

Natural Law is the innate and immutable principles of life and nature.

We emphasize adherence to natural law and stress a holistic and balanced approach towards one’s objectives. The idea that our minds and thinking must be balanced with the wisdom and intuition of the heart is paramount. What we do in this life is determined by our thinking. If the thinking is clear, the results will be positive and orderly. Therefore, unclear thinking will ultimately lead to negative or entropic outcomes.








Holistic Health

The health of your body is a symbol or map of your entire well being. We are constantly writing this map. Visualize the map of the ideal you. These ideal conditions of a healthy body is the landscape on the map to where we want to go or be. 

You are the map and you are also the terrain, and you experience both inner/mental and outer/bodily realities or ‘journeys’. The outer is always a reflection or expression of the inner. The subconscious rules our experience and it can be re-programmed, rewriting the inner map will change our physical terrain.



Our Services

Life Orienteering champions you in unearthing and utilizing your ‘internal compass’ so that it comes alive and does what it is supposed to do naturally and harmoniously, helping you successfully navigate the path to your goals!


Happy Clients


Ruth! I’ve followed the school of the Holy Science for many years and it was recently I discovered you were doing coaching sessions about my passions, Astrology and Astrotheology. I am a student of Astrology and I have to say I was left very impressed with the knowledge you shared during our coaching sessions. I sincerely wanted the sessions to go on forever. It was a true delight to work with you. I highly recommend your work.

Love from the USA

Keith J. Vera


Thank you for your beautiful and very supportive course. It helped and helps me a lot, love the meditations – so powerful. I have actually realized what positive positioning means for me.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Raj Bhogal