I am Ruth, your life orienteering coach

The secret to a happy heart is...

...to follow your True Star!

Tell me about your fears, and I'll show you a mirror so you can see where they're coming from!

My story

I could simplify my story by saying 'I have arrived'! And that would be that.

But the truth is, it took me many roads, long and shorts, peaceful and turbulent, with company and lonely to arrive where I am.

So, where am I?

I am at home! I am living within my own heart and yes, it is cozy, warm, clean, beautiful and full of light. What else can I?

Hi! My name is Ruth Rosa.

When we follow our own star or higher self, we, inevitably, arrives home, but don't get me wrong. Arriving does not mean the end of the journey. Far from it!
You see, the  'home' requires maintenance, care and a constant dedication to keep it clean, safe, homely or beautiful, but what's important is to arrive because once there, we know what to do.

The 'dark' and long roads leading to the heart. What kept me going?

What kept me going was faith! An inner knowing that a place existed I could home. Apart from faith, I  Astrology and the use of the divine feminine principles, helped me all the way home.

What my clients have to say

Sue's coaching has had a major impact to my life. She is so supportive and responsible, and led me to some life changes that I would have never achieved by myself.
Julia Stobbard
Sue's approach to my difficulties was excellent. She did a great job in organizing priorities and communicating the right approach to me, which led to some impressive results in my life.
Rob Stevens
I am simply amazed with how Sue managed to lead me to achieving some things that I've been failing to achieve by myself for so many years. I can't wait to see what happens next...
Kaisha Salas
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