A Golden Age
Is Waiting For You.

You really do possess the ability to usher in
a golden era in your own life.

The only question is, are you prepared to go
on the most rewarding journey possible?

My mission is to assist you in making
successful tr
ansition to the next
'golden age'.

“The golden age is before us, not behind us.”

William Shakespeare

Why a golden age?

Discover why the current global

Learn why humanity has no choice but to 'cross all
portals,' no matter how 'black' or frightening they may be.

As we make the 'crossing', you will notice how each opportunity will help us form a fresh understanding of life in general, but four aspects will stand out above all others:


Are you aware of the global shift currently taking place?

We are witnessing a significant cosmological transformation, which is considered to be one of the most profound in recent history.

It is evident that the world is experiencing a significant spiritual awakening!

This change will have a significant beneficial influence
on four key parts of our existence. They are as follows:


Are you prepared to embark on the journey towards
reaching the pinnacle of endless opportunities?

Where is this shift leading us?

We are being guided towards a point where we will inevitably have to strive to become the best version of ourselves!

This place is called a golden age!

The golden age is before us, not behind us.

~William Shakespeare

Thank you, William Shakespeare, for reminding us of one of the greatest truths we could learn, particularly during times like these. The golden age that we all long to witness and be a part of is undoubtedly ahead of us, as the best is still to come!

Are you ready to cross to the 'other side'
where a golden age is waiting?

Envision yourself with the incredible opportunity to access some of the most profound ancient knowledge that exists in the world today.

When you become a member of Astrology of a Golden Age, you will receive valuable information that will enhance your understanding of the events occurring in the lower planes of existence. Additionally, you will learn about the imminent changes that will replace these existing planes.

Why should you join this unique subscription?

The reasons are too many to list them here, but let me mention the Everything is returning to its fundamental roots!

Indeed, it is time for you to understand that according to natural laws, we cannot continue to remain disconnected from fundamental aspects of life, such as:


Over the course of the next six months, you will be exposed to knowledge that has the potential to profoundly alter your perspective on matters deserving of your full attention and consideration. I will explain why these subjects should be at the top of your list:

 Wealth and 

As we thoroughly examine all relevant aspects of these concepts, you will come to realize that a golden age emerges when connections are ultimately established between them and natural laws.

Another link, which is even more crucial, is formed when natural laws permeate every aspect of our consciousness. As we delve deeper, we start to recognize the presence of more intricate principles that govern all aspects of existence, concealed beneath the surface of every natural law. By studying and applying natural laws, we can ultimately uncover divine laws, leading some to believe that they have found evidence of God's existence.

Now that you know this...

Imagine becoming a member of an exclusive community where you gain access to unique information that represents the pinnacle of spiritual enlightenment for any civilization.

Only in a golden age can people effectively engage with the laws that govern the universe, and as a result, they have a profound understanding of everything relating to health, prosperity, relationships with other humans, and the natural world in general.

A golden age is a remarkable period in which the realms of the spiritual and the physical come together, allowing for the achievement of things that were once considered impossible.

This beautiful period may come to each of us at any time, but it can also be a collective phenomena, which I anticipate will happen soon, but not until you are prepared!

Are you ready?

I hope you are because...

The world is undergoing rapid changes.

There is a considerable level of confusion.

The pillars upholding society are declining.

Many people don’t seem to
understand what’s happening.

Those who are concerned appear bewildered,
unsure of what to do.

Are significant changes are on their way?

Are the changes going to be for
the better or for the worse?

Is the old cycle dying because
a new one is about to begin?

Is everything lost, or does it signal
a brighter era for humanity?

Here are four reasons why we must prepare mentally, physically,
and spiritually if we are to effectively shift into the new cycle:

1) The world's ongoing confusion will worsen before we see the light of day.

2) A clear sense of direction showing where the world is heading is needed; otherwise, the experience of being lost and confused will persist.

3) Belonging to a community with similar values and visions will be critical because we will require assistance in realizing the unique potential that lies ahead of us.

4) A spiritual garment of faith, courage, and love for country, family, and God must be worn in a golden age. We can't cross to the "other side" while spirituality naked. We must put on the armor of God.

Look no further if you're ready to leave the old world
behind and embrace the new one!

Astrology of a Golden Age is designed to be a valuable cosmic compass that you can rely on for a period of time, until you find your True North, which ultimately could leads to a Golden Age.

Welcome to Astrology of a Golden Age
This is a Life Orienteers project.

Astrology of a Golden Age

Or Astrology Of The Art of the Arts
(the ultimate justice)

Embark on a six-month transformative journey that will lead us to rediscover our connection with life and the mystical aspects of the cosmos, guided by golden ideas that help us find the spiritual aspect of everything dear to us.

Our objective is to gain an initial understanding of the various processes that occur when a decaying cycle transitions into a new one.

We will explore this phenomenon from multiple perspectives, including:

 Psychological and
 Philosophical viewpoints.

A beautiful journey

Together, we are going on an extraordinary journey, navigating vast oceans in search of unique destinations where the priceless pearls of wisdom await us.

As we gather our pearls, we will utilise them to enhance our lives in ways that are exclusive to those dwelling in a golden age.

Explore the fundamental principles that determine the core characteristics of a golden age.

Discover the reason why the achievement of a golden age is not attributed to the pursuit of perfection, but rather to a clear realisation of the significance of balance in all aspects of life. This realisation fosters an unprecedented connection with nature. Inevitably, this connection leads us to the omniscient, omnipotent omnipresent laws that govern everything - or the laws of God.

A place where there is no fear

We invite you to join us on a journey of learning, where we will equip ourselves with the courage and determination needed to face both present and future challenges.

Even while fear and uncertainty may be tempting, we will continue to remind ourselves that a brighter future is not only feasible, but also a certainty if we learn to see the greater picture in everything.

Imagine a setting where the Great Awakening
unfolds at an accelerated pace.

You will soon realize that merely being awake is not enough. To fully embrace our awakening, it is crucial that we integrate all aspects of consciousness that are relevant to the truths we have learned.

We will explain why lacking a broader understanding of the nature of reality is a deliberate choice rather than an accidental coincidence.

The better you grasp the concept that nothing occurs by chance and that there is a purpose behind all events in life, the greater influence you can have over your own destiny.

In this space, you not only have knowledge of
what is happening, but also a deep understanding
of why it is occurring.

The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.

Ecclesiastes 1:9

We are all familiar with the timeless saying that there is nothing new under the sun.

When you become a member of Astrology of a Golden Age, we will explore important historical events that can potentially support the notion that there is nothing truly new in the world.

We will be asking some important questions regarding the repetition of cycles. For example:

 Have past civilizations experienced events similar to the ones we are currently experiencing?

 Have they achieved the same level of technology as we have today?

 What happened if they did?

 Is it possible to speculate that their downfall was a result of the technological advancements they believed they had accomplished?

 Are we following a similar path?

What if you discover that the mindset driving the development of modern technology, particularly Artificial Intelligence, is responsible for a cosmic reset or a significant shift in direction for the civilization that embraced these ideas?

If you were to find out that the laws governing the universe impose restrictions on certain aspects of human 'progress', particularly those involving artificial methods, would this realization inspire you to adhere more closely to natural laws?

I hope you are inspire because a golden age
is all about reconnecting with natural and divine laws!

Experience all this and more as we embrace the power of basic astrological knowledge to embark on one of the most fulfilling adventures of our lives.

Let's do it today!
Let's do it now, because everyone will
benefit from the beautiful glow of the
stars as a lantern during these confusing times!

When joining us...

You will learn why humanity is entering an era in which contemplating a golden age is inescapable and why participating in this discussion is critical if we desire to take an active role in the needed healing process during and after this cosmic shift.

Why astrology and why now?

As humanity teeters on the edge of catastrophe, fragments of knowledge from the old world are slowly resurfacing. The desire to love and understand nature arises after a need to reconnect with God.

All of those things are inevitable and cannot be prevented.

As our understanding and appreciation for the things that remind us of the value of life continues to grow, it revitalizes the fragile human psyche, which has been experiencing a disconnection from both natural and divine laws.

Natural Law and Astrology

Astrology is one of the ancient knowledge that is currently resurfacing.  While our current level of interest may still be relatively low, it is clear that more and more individuals will be motivated to gain a deeper understanding of the subject.

The reasons for this can be explained easily. When we recognize the role of astrology in helping us understand natural laws, we also recognize that these laws bring us closer to divine laws and, consequently, to God.

As society continues to embrace and engage with these positive influences, the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment becomes an unstoppable pinnacle. This has occurred on numerous occasions in the distant past.

The evidence for this can be observed through the presence of numerous remarkable monuments, structures, and magnificent works of art that have endured the passage of time.

These testimonials represent a profound connection with life and the divine, which can only be experienced when we have the courage to look towards the kingdom of heaven.

Can a familiarity with astrology put us
in touch with the laws of nature?

Absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt! From a metaphorical standpoint, astrology can be likened to an expansive and boundless garment. In this analogy, the threads symbolize the countless natural and divine laws, both the ones we know exist and the mysterious ones to us.

The garment is exquisitely embroidered with vibrant colors and intricate geometric patterns, featuring prominent designs of the solar system and galaxies.

Each component of this clothing emits a unique vibration and frequency that consistently influences both humans and the natural world.

Astrology is a language.
If you understand this language,
the sky speaks to you.

Dane Rudhyar

Astrology can be perceived as an intricate system of communication that necessitates considerable expertise for comprehension.  Nevertheless, it is important to acknowledge that even the most skilled astrologers are unable to assert complete comprehension of the complex structure that constitutes astrology, which is considered the oldest cosmic language known to mankind.

To effectively decipher the realm of astrology, it is necessary to gradually impart the understanding of its extensive symbolism, vibrations, and frequencies, employing the faculty of imagination. Without imagination, astrology becomes an impossible language to speak let alone understand.

Can you learn 'speak' astrology?

Absolutely! If you truly want to harness the full potential of your imagination, it is essential that you do so!

Logic will get you from A to B.
Imagination will take you everywhere.

Albert Einstein

If we are able to show that astrology is connected to one's imaginative or creative faculties, we can prove that it can lead you anywhere!

This is both good and bad news since it has the potential to take us anywhere we choose to go. We may use astrology to move ahead or backward, and the good news is that it can only take us backward in two ways: by missing the signals or misinterpreting the indications!

Remember that all astrological signs include cautions about the journey ahead, as well as directions on how to avoid hazards and make the voyage genuinely fruitful. The language of astrology heavily depends on the intuition of the heart as it is the ultimate decipher of all the hidden mysteries of this cosmic language.

Unfortunately, most people who are investigating the different pathways of life either disregard the signals completely, even when they are aware of their existence, or are completely unconscious of the symbols revealed everywhere.

Astrology permeates our surroundings,
yet it often goes unnoticed by many.

We inhabit an astrological realm where every element of the world symbolizes a facet of the universe, its laws, and its purpose. However, we often remain unaware of this profound reality.

One example that illustrates our lack of connection knowledge about the seven days of the week and the 12 months of the year.

What is the meaning behind their existence and how did they come to be?

Why do we wake up each day and find ourselves immersed in the reality that unfolds over the course of that day?

What is the makeup of the reality we refer to as a day?

Each of these questions deserves a separate explanation. However, we will provide you with the opportunity to discover the answers within our exclusive six-month membership, Astrology of a Golden Age. With that being said, let's take a brief look at certain aspects of what we refer to as a day from an astrological view point.

In the larger context, a single day can be seen as equivalent to a whole year.
A subset or fractal is a smaller component of a larger cycle, sharing many similar features and functions.

For example, a year consists of 12 months, while a day is made up of 24 hours. In reality, a day consists of 12 hours of daylight, while the remaining 12 hours are designated for rest. During this time, the sunlight travels to different places, awakening the lands that eagerly await the return of the sun, often referred to as the lion king.

A day is divided into two parts: day and night. Both divisions consist of hours, minutes, and seconds. Each planet in the solar system has a unique name associated with its 24-hour cycle. However, the name that a day is given does not come from the planet itself. Additionally, it possesses distinct influences such as vibrations and frequencies that are unique to the planet or star.

We live in an astrological realm where everything symbolizes an aspect of the universe, its laws, and its purpose, and yet we are so oblivious to this fact. One good example would be our ignorance about the astrological origin of the seven days of the week and the 12 months of the year. What do they mean, and how did they come into existence? Why do we wake up every day within the reality that composes a day?  with its hours, minutes, and seconds, as well as the name that signals the planet where the name originates from, but go on living without realizing that the seven days are harmoniously arranged to represent the seven days of creation mentioned in the Bible? Of course, none of us wake up in the morning thinking: Oh, today is Monday, a day honoring the name of the moon, and because of what the moon represents, long ago certain attributes of the moon were represented as goddesses, such as the goddess Diana (for the Romans) or Artemis (for the Greeks). We also have a tremendous variety of words directly or indirectly related to the moon. Here are just a few examples of many: Month. Menstrual. Meter. Measure. Diameter. Gematria. Geometry; Immense. Isometric. Meal. Semester

People begin to realize that natural laws serve as messengers of divine laws and that disregarding these laws leads to the resurgence of chaos.

In order to prevent this, great effort was made to inscribe signs or symbols that communicated to the subconscious mind the existence of other realms beyond our grasp.

These symbols served as a reminder to strive towards manifesting these realities here on earth. With that in mind, they pursued great arts through architecture, painting, music, working with nature, social structure, and all forms of governance in society, following the principles of natural laws.

What is astrology of the art of the
arts and why its the ultimate justice?

Astrology of Art of the Arts, or the ultimate justice, represents the pinnacle of consciousness during a golden age. If you have ever wondered about the implementation of true justice and when it occurs, look no further. You have found the era or time when the concept of justice is fully and fairly implemented.

You may wonder why true justice is only implemented in a peak of a golden age?

Because soon after a civilization falls, a rebuilding start taking place. Every form of error that brought the previous civlization to its ruin, is examined and avoid. This is actually what we call healing.  The true essence of healing is to take something that is ill or in need of remedy.  gets stronger as the time passess by making easier to make fair judgment about human character, and one that is more attuned with natural and divine laws.

We use astrology as a 'template' to help us
reintegrate natural laws into the circle of life.

This astrological template is represented
symbolically by a circle, a line, and a dot.

You will learn why humanity is entering an era in which contemplating a golden age is inescapable and why participating in this discussion is critical if we desire to take an active role in the needed healing process during and after this cosmic shift.

The primary goal of Astrology of a Golden Age is to immerse you in the most significant events of our time in order to understand that all chaos will pass and a new beginning will emerge.

As We will consult a wealth of illuminating material from our ancient past and today's contradictions, failures, and accomplishments. 

You are going to find that the exploration of all of the above comes with the encouragment to comtenplate Furthermore, you will have access to knowledge that has the potential to assist you in locating your true north or highest potential in any area you choose to explore.

Carl Jung once said that:

“In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order.”

Yes, you read that correctly; a golden age is upon us!

During these trying times, we are here to serve as a
temporary compass that points at the cosmos evolving in every ongoing chaos.

We will assist you to successfully navigate the greatest

cyclical transition humanity has ever experienced!

If what you just read astonished you, please keep reading because you also need to know that a collapse takes place before we enter that untapped zone known as humanity's spiritual peak.

With the ongoing chaos and its inevitable crisis and repercussions impacting all levels of society, which may be severe, we all need some orientation about what's going on and, more significantly, how it can affect us and what to do about it.

 When you join Astrology of a Golden Age, you will gain access to knowledge that challenges any belief you may hold against the idea that a golden age is a fairy tale told to entertain with false hopes people.  We are going to

 As you begin to learn to negotiate all of the elements that mark the dawning of a golden age, you are also setting yourself in a unique position that few people get the opportunity to be in.

 If you ever thought that attaining a spiritual peak on a personal or global level was impossible, prepare to have that misconception debunked by yourself!

You will be able to declare in six months, or at the end of your first cycle with us, that the current state of the world is not only cyclical in character, but also biblical!

 The best part is that you will begin adopting concepts that teach you how to live in an actual state of abundance supported by natural laws.

 By the end of the first cycle of this membership, you will have a thorough understanding of what abundance is, why we are meant to live by its principles, and why those principles govern a golden age.

What do we do exactly?

We accomplish this by delivering information that is guided by natural laws!

Life Orienteers provide all of the inspiration, encouragement, support, and vision required to live a life free of confusion, limitations, and self-doubt about our true potential as human beings.

Is a golden age truly on the way?

As difficult as it may appear to some of you to accept that a golden age is approaching when everything in the world suggests otherwise, I can firmly state that every unfolding event implies huge changes ahead.

Some may ask, and rightly so, where is the evidence that a golden age is coming?

The proof is written in a variety of formats and locations!

It's written in the stars.

They can also be found in the Bible and other sacred writings.

It is also recognized within the heart's wisdom!

In truth, it is hardly a secret to those paying attention.

For a long time, many of us have known that significant shifts were unavoidable and that, in the grand scheme of things, the cosmos would eventually return to order.

Not only do we have a political and economic crisis like never before, but more importantly, we do have a profound moral problem affecting us all.Why is the current moral quandary greater than any political or economic insecurity?

Because the underlying reasons for the current crisis are directly related to morality or the lack thereof, and people are noticing it!

You are cordially invited to join this exclusive Mastermind group as a founding member to better grasp the underlying natural and supernatural causes that result in a golden age.

Benefits of this Mastermind subscription plan



1) You are re-educating yourself by joining Astrology of the Golden Age!

Yes, indeed! A cleansing procedure from all you thought you knew is a must! Where humanity is headed, there is no place for the type of compliance we have so willingly entertained.

Knowledge about the workings and purpose of the universe will become essential in a golden age because it is that type of understanding that makes possible an era of abundance and connection to what is real.

As you progress through our broad content and support, you'll realize that no university or college can offer you the kind of transformation this membership provides at such a low rate.

2) By joining, you are putting yourself in a position that no one else can, at least not without the knowledge and support that we provide. You will discover that the knowledge you are gaining about yourself, the world, and the universe is only available to people who are already living in a golden age!

Don't delay, join us today!

Remember, everything included in
Astrology of a Golden
is just
$48.00/m instead of
The regular price of $97.00 /m

The regular price of $97 will soon replace the present offer, therefore we encourage you to jump on board so we can start navigating the deep and broad water oceans of truth together!

Are we going to bring current topics that concern us all?

a) Artificial Intelligence

When you join, you will be presented with several philosophical arguments predicting AI's failure. We will examine why AI is doomed and, more importantly, why it is a sign of a profound disconnection from reality. AI can only emerge when humanity separates itself from divine guidance. We will show why AI appears when the collective mind has not met its true potential. It is an attempt to substitute unmet virtues for bias. You are going to be guided through the many reasons why natural law does not allow the ultimate fulfillment of what is not accurate or not meant to be.

b) Why and how does mankind go through many cycles?

We look at this topic from various angles, but the critical sources of inspiration we employ are Astrology, Astrotheology, Sacred Geometry, and Gematria. We examine ancient principles that speak to us about a cosmos that most people have never heard of and what natural law reveals about their origin and purpose.

Natural Law

Learn what natural is and how to apply it.
The only way to be truly free is to understand natural laws.


Discover the basic principles of Carl Jung's psychology.


Fall in love with Prisca Theologia.
Bible interpretation
Are there some hidden meanings waiting to be discovered in the Holy Bible?
Equilibrium is key to live a life in harmony with natural laws. Find out how you can achieve balance.


Equilibrium is key to live a life in harmony with natural laws. Find out how you can achieve balance.

Ancient history

What secrets about the universe can we find in ancient temples and sites around the world?


Does astrology offers practical answers to our daily problems? Find out how astrology can help us.

Fen Shui

Is your environment in harmony with the frequencies of nature? If not, you cannot be in a state of abundance!


Symbols, what are they?
Learn why everyone should understand the language of symbolism.

Natural living

Natural medicine.
The use and benefits of herbs. Love for all things natural.


We explore women's health and the real meaning of the divine feminine concept.

What is Abundance?

Symbols, what are they?
Learn why everyone should understand the language of symbolism.

The art of orientation

Is there more to the compass than what we know?
What exactly is the concept of orientation?


What is Abundance?

Symbols, what are they?
Learn why everyone should understand the language of symbolism.

The art of orientation

Is there more to the compass than what we know?
What exactly is the concept of orientation?


Get ready!
At the end of six month into your subscription,
you will get access to a whole new level of Life Orienteering Masterclass absolutely FREE OF CHARGE!

Reclaim Your Magic!

Understand your soul powers.
Learn how to use them for health and prosperity

This four-week course consolidates what our members have assimilated over six months.

During this four week course, we are going to dive into

The total value of this four week course is $497.00.
For you, as a member of Astrology of a Golden Age,
would be FREE!



A very special offer offer to all the ladies who join us.
If you complete the six months membership, you will have

Very large text.

The Astrological Journal
For The 21st Century Generation

A golden period is on the horizon whether you understand it or not, whether you agree with it or not!

The sooner you accept the idea of a golden age, the sooner you can become a part of the inevitable.

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